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Play a large role in innovating Indonesia's property sector


Do you fit with our mission and work culture?

You are considering to join a unique company embarking on an ambitious mission, filled with colleagues who have already shown strong fit with the company's criteria. Before you apply, you have to determine if you personally fit with the mission and work culture.

Do you meet these 3 recruitment criteria?

1. "Follow through execution" : you have a good reputation about always being "reliable" to get work done with high quality. You have strong sense of care and ownership over your work.

2. "Problem solving" : you can identify potential problems that others cannot see. You can solve problems now before they become larger. You are effective and shrewd in how to solve problems.

3. "Cost effectiveness" : you always insist on the most cost effective solution. You are responsible towards company money as if it's your own personal money. 

I am a University
Launch your career at the #1 property company where you will receive intensive grooming and development. We welcome applicants with extraordinary leadership potential to be groomed for future leadership roles in our company. 
I am an Experienced
Accelerate your career at a company where you will thrive and play a large role in innovating Indonesia's property sector. 

You'll feel part of your workplace community


At PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk, you are part of a greater team that emphasizes strong working relationships. We believe you can work at your best when you feel personally connected with your colleagues.


When you join PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk, you also join the family community, which means you feel like working around your close family & friends. We want our employees to develop strong interpersonal relationships with each other.


Health Coverage *

We want all employees to work with maximum productivity and effectiveness. In the case of a health issue, you will be covered so you can get the treatment you need and return as soon as possible.

* specific health coverage depends on role

Job-related Transport

Any job-related transport is covered, such as going between properties or meeting with external people. This includes using the company-provided car and driver or 100% reimbursement for taxi / go-jek / grab.

Employee-only Prices

You get exclusive employee prices for any of the company’s products, such as at Jayakarta Hotel or Marbella Hotel. These prices are generally the lowest found elsewhere, so it is not permitted to resell these packages.

What is so unique about working here

Strong sense of mission

Being selected to work at the company means you are working alongside other people who are also inspired to work for the greater mission. Working here isn’t just a job, but a “life calling” to work towards a greater mission together with a dedicated team.

Working with smart colleagues

You’ll only work with colleagues who are bright and helpful, which inspires you to always perform your best to keep up.

Powerful culture

You'll find that it is easy to get work done with others in the company, because the company only selects employees who fit with others in the company and prove to be collaborative.


You always insist on the most cost effective solution. You are responsible towards company money as if it’s your own personal money.
Problem Solving
You can identify potential problems that others cannot see. You solve problems now before they become larger. You are effective and shrewd in how to solve problems.
Follow-through execution
You have a good reputation about always being “reliable” to get work done with high quality. You have strong sense of care and ownership over your work.

Pak Ucu

Mechanical Engineering | Kemang Apartment

Pak Suriyah

Housekeeping | Kemang Apartment

Pak Anggy

Translator Japanese | Azalea Suites

Pak Uyok

Mechanical Engineering | Jayakarta Plaza

Promotion Testimony

At our company, you’ll be groomed and developed to make more impact and contribution. You’ll be given stretch assignments that allow you to flourish and even get promoted rapidly.
Ibu Vicka

Saya sangat senang dan bersyukur bekerja disini. Setelah 2 tahun saya bekerja, saya dipromosikan dari Staff Account Receivable menjadi Spv. Account Receivable, saya merasa kinerja saya dihargai dan diperhatikan oleh perusahaan. Pesan saya, jangan selalu berpikir apa yang sudah perusahaan berikan kepada kita, tapi kita juga harus berpikir apa yang sudah kita berikah kepada perusahan.

Ibu Anis

Saya Anis Rostiani, saya sudah bergabung dengan Kemang Apartment by Pudjiadi Prestige selama 2 tahun terhitung dari 20 Agustus 2018. Awal saya bekerja sebagai Administrasi Property hampir 2 tahun. Saya sangat senang, bersyukur dan bangga pada 01 Juli 2020 saya diangkat menjadi Assisten Property Manajer. Saya berterima kasih kepada tuhan yang maha esa, direksi Kemang Apartment by Pudjiadi Prestige dan rekan-rekan tim Kemang Apartment telah mendukung dan mengapresiasi kinerja yang sudah saya lakukan selama ini.


What is the probation trial period?

The company is serious about only keeping high-quality employees who are effective and productive. The probation trial period lasts around three (3) months, and the purpose is to weed out any new employees who prove not to be a good culture fit with the company. New employees undergoing the probation trial period are urged to do their best quality work to secure their position permanently in the company, including not taking frivolous sick days.

What are the expected working hours?

Our core principle is to get the most productivity for the same time, and so these working hours are dedicated to maximize effective teamwork : For Head Office teams, the expected working hours are Monday-Friday between 8.30 and 17.30. Saturday and Sunday are off. For Property teams, the expected working hours are Monday-Friday between 9.00 and 17.00, and Saturday between 9.00 and 15.00. Sundays are off.

What is the interview process like?

The goal of the interview process is for you (as the candidate) to prove that you are a good fit with both the company culture and the position. We want this to be done in the most time effective way, therefore the interview process is usually split into several stages : i) introductory screening, ii) deep questions into your background, motivations, leadership experience, and culture fit, iii) psychology assessment


Daniel J. Panggabean
Tax Staff

"Working at PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk is very good and provides opportunities for employees who have just graduated from college to start working in a company of this size. In addition to being able to develop knowledge in the field of work, this company also provides opportunities for employees like me to provide creative ideas or provide input to achieve the company's goals continue to grow. The atmosphere of working in the company in each department has a sense of kinship and friendliness between employees."

Antonyous Silaban
IT Staff

"PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk has a comfortable working environment and a strong sense of family within the office. In this office, I have learned many new things that are outside my field as an IT staff. Here our creativity is needed and good ideas can be applied to advance this company."

Erna Hesriyanti
Personnel Manager

"I have been working with PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk for almost 26 years and during my time here I feel that the family culture here is very thick so I feel comfortable working here. I started my career here as an Executive Secretary and now I am trusted by the company to lead the Human Resources Department which makes me feel that what I do for the company is very much appreciated so they entrusted the position to me. In this company we are also given the space and opportunity to provide ideas that are useful for the progress of the company. The company also gives awards to outstanding employees so that we always feel encouraged to give our best for the company. I hope that PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk will continue to progress and become the best in the country's property industry and continue to prioritize employee welfare as one of the company's important assets."