22 December 2020

Advantages of Gypsum Boards that Make Housing Comfortable and Beautiful

Real estate developer Indonesia - For those who are erecting buildings or houses, it is necessary to know about the advantages of gypsum board compared to other materials. Moreover. If it is associated with the ability and needs according to the concept of the room you want to realize. Well, for those of you who are looking for lightweight building materials and the benefits are quite a lot, of course the choice of gypsum board is the best. As for what is meant by gypsum is a material used for construction materials that form walls, ceilings and insulation to partitions.

This gypsum board itself is made using a mixture of paper that has a thickness of up to 9mm to 15mm. Although thin, this building material has many beneficial properties. What are they?

Easy installation process

Unlike materials such as bricks that must be installed one by one and take a long time. Well, the installation of this gypsum board does not take much time and effort. In fact, this board is sold in large sheets so that installation is easy. Its fairly light weight also makes it easy to install.

In addition, this gypsum board is also easy to cut using any cutting tool. Likewise, the finishing process can be done easily either using traditional building tools to fairly sophisticated building tools. Its thin thickness also makes it easy to nail and shape as desired.

Capable of muffling sound

The second advantage is its ability to reduce sound. This white building material is suitable for use in an office where there is also a production plant. By using gypsum board as a divider or separator between rooms, the office will not be disturbed by the noise produced by factory production machines. Workers can also focus more on contributing to the company. Gypsum boards are also suitable for music studio or home theater rooms. Its use can reduce sound transmission to other rooms.

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Easy to maintain and repair

If the gypsum starts to get dusty or dirty, you don't need to repaint it. Rinse it off using a half-wet rag or vacuum it. If the plaster has hairline cracks, you can simply cover them with instant cement plaster. After the plaster is dry, overwrite it with wall plaster that has a color that matches the color of your plaster. Alternatively, you can cut the damaged part of the plasterboard and patch it with a new plasterboard.

Easy to overwrite with other colors of paint

Well, this property makes gypsum more popular. You can cover the gypsum board with a variety of decorations and paints, such as wall paint and wallpaper. In addition, you can coat it with other coating products. You can be as creative as you want to produce a beautiful room divider or ceiling so that it can match the interior style of your bedroom or any other room in your house.

Not waterproof

However, please note that gypsum board is not waterproof. As said earlier, gypsum is made from a mixture of paper materials. This is what makes the gypsum board not waterproof. It is highly recommended not to use gypsum boards in rooms that are in direct contact with water, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Those are some brief explanations about building materials that are currently quite popular in use. Not only that, the advantages of gypsum board itself can also reduce renovation costs and other building costs.


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