22 December 2020

Good Room Colors Can Affect the Mood of Homeowners

Real Estate Developer Indonesia - A good room color has an impact on the occupants of the house. Yes, choosing the right color can be personal, so you have the freedom to decorate the room based on your favorite colors. Colors can also reveal what the personality of the homeowner is like. Not only can a person's personality be revealed, colors actually have a greater influence on a person's psychology.

Research on color psychology reveals that certain colors can have different emotional implications. Some colors can lift the mood, others have a calming effect on the mind, and there is color psychology that associates certain colors with feelings of sadness and gloom.

Since each room has a different function, different colors are needed to create a different atmosphere. Even if you have a favorite color, consider choosing home colors based on color psychology. With color psychology, you can more easily determine the color that suits the mood of each room.


According to color psychology, favorite colors can have a positive impact on people's thoughts and emotions. Favorite colors are usually used for important occasions, such as wedding decorations or personal rooms at home, i.e. painting the bedroom.

Even if you like a certain color, it may not necessarily produce the color psychology needed in the bedroom. Yellow and orange suggest warmth and intimacy at night.

Although the psychological effects of blue and green not only bring a sense of calm and relaxation, at the same time, the psychological effects of these colors can effectively restore people's energy, which is very suitable for the resting atmosphere.

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Living Room

You need to create excitement in a space that can accommodate various public activities, such as a living room or family room. The psychological effect of the colors should be vibrant and exciting, but still relaxed to inspire more fun and intimate dialogue. Some color choices that can be applied to this room are neutrals, blues and pastels.

To make the color psychology more positive, choose one of the three colors as the wall paint color, while the other two colors appear as complementary colors on the furniture and decorations. In addition, put a little accent of red, orange or black to attract more attention. If there is an entrance hall area in the living room, apply a bold color to create a strong first impression.


The kitchen is the most used room in the house. Therefore, the psychology of producing colors in the kitchen area must be able to increase comfort. The color applied to the kitchen should be adjusted to the size, other kitchen functions and the impression to be presented. To get a more positive color psychological effect, please wear dark and elegant kitchen cabinets.

Dining Room

Many restaurants use red as the main or accompanying color in their interior decoration concept. Red is believed to have an attractive color psychological effect, so it can increase appetite.

You can mainly use red in restaurants, or you can add red to the decor. If you're not comfortable with the overpowering character of red, look for red derivatives with a lighter feel, such as maroon, pink, and purple, for a more calming color psychology.

That's a brief explanation of the color of a good room that has a good impact, especially for the occupants of the house. So, which one do you choose?


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