20 January 2020


In an era of increasingly fierce competition, a company must evaluate its performance and make a series of improvements, in order to continue to grow and be competitive. This improvement will be carried out continuously, so that the company's performance is getting better and can continue to excel in the competition, or at least stay afloat. One strategy to improve and maximize company performance is by restructuring. If we hear the term or word corporate restructuring, which is in our minds, as if talking about a company that is declining. Yet every time a company makes improvements, whether on a small scale, or large scale, the goal is to improve performance. Of course corporate restructuring does not need to wait, because it can be late, so repairs need to be done continuously. Generally the term corporate restructuring is used if the company wants to make a comprehensive overhaul, and the aim is to improve and maximize the company's performance.

As a restructuring goal stated by Goiullart and Kelly (1995: 7) is "preparing the organization to be able to reach the level of competition used, this relates to the ideal and fit organization". Restructuring cannot be seen only from the streamlining of the organization, HR, or its performance, but it must also be noted that restructuring is a system that influences one another in achieving organizational goals. Meanwhile, according to Bramantyo (2004), corporate restructuring aims to improve and maximize company performance. For companies that have gone public, maximizing the value of a company is characterized by a high share price of the company, and that price can sit at the top level. The persistence of the stock price is not a game of market participants or the results of frying shares frying, but really is a reflection of investors' expectations of the company's future

Referring to this background and objectives, PT Pudjiadi Prestige made an organizational restructuring, more or less the process of observation, analysis, evaluation and administration took approximately one month, and on Thursday, January 16, 2020 PT Pudjiadi Prestige presented the launching of the new organizational restructuring, then added to the deepening and strengthening of the vision and mission, work culture, and values ‚Äč‚Äčembedded in the company. Hopefully with this new structure, PT Pudjiadi Prestige increasingly has a solid, effective, cooperative, and maximizing HR performance.


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