15 August 2023

Best Company Employee of the Year 2023

PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk really appreciates the enthusiasm and hard work of employees who have worked very hard for the company so that the company can run well to achieve even better achievements than the previous year.

With that, the company gives high appreciation for the best employees in 2023 in the form of award certificates and also other attractive prizes which will certainly spur the enthusiasm and hard work of other employees to be even better.

Here are the best employees of PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk in 2023:
1. Mrs. Erna Heisriyanti

2. Mr. Ardika May Fendra

3. Mr. Jaidin

4. Mr. Supriatna

The company would like to express its deepest gratitude to the employees who have become the best employees in 2023. Hopefully in the following year you can become the best employee again.


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