22 December 2020

Peep how to make your own house plan

Real estate developer - Apart from using the services of an architect, how to make your own house plan is an interesting topic. Homeowners are free to express all ideas and ideas through the desired image so as to create a comfortable and minimalist and useful residence. But, the question is how to make a house design if you don't understand it properly? Here is a simple explanation.

Start by gathering inspiration and references

As a first step, then pour all the desires that you want to realize by multiplying references and inspiration from existing works. You can look for inspiration and ideas by traveling, or you can also visit exhibitions or read magazines to find house plans that have the type and style of design close to your wishes.

Determine your needs

Before drawing, make sure you already know the needs of the space or each function. You can start by making a list of the activities and activities that you and other residents of the house will do. Including, determining what spaces are needed to accommodate these activities. It's best not to neglect service areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or pantry room, and storage or laundry room if needed.

Start by Sketching the House Plan

After that, the next step is to sketch the house plan with lines. Draw the footprint or land that you have schematically. To make this process easy, it is best to use a special millimeter block paper that will help each line pull stay on the scale you want.

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Implement the Space Program on the House Plan

Start entering the various space requirements that you want in the area that has been described by using lines and making spaces on the house plan. Don't forget to consider the size of the space according to good size standards, so that each space on the house plan has a sufficient size.

Do a Test Run

When inserting spaces and adjusting the size of spaces in the house plan you may encounter obstacles, ranging from the position of the space that does not fit, or the land that does not fit. For this reason, you may need to revise the house plan sketch several times until you find the most suitable formula and arrangement.

Give Details of the House Plan

After finding the most suitable arrangement, it's time to give details to your sketch plan. Starting from adding wall thickness, then the door design and window model (complete with opening direction), to start arranging furniture and furniture in each room on the plan. The more details, the better.

Re-evaluate the house plan that you have made

As a best practice, make sure you re-evaluate your detailed sketch plan by comparing it with other plans or imagining it in real space. Also match each size with the standard. To do this final step, you can also do it with professionals such as architects and interior designers who you appoint to realize your dream plan.

How, it's not difficult right? Although at the beginning it seems incapable, if done wholeheartedly, this will become easier. Moreover, this article has discussed about how to make your own house plan.


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